#5 Who’s Hijacking Your Mind?

I’m Maseh Hadaf, and this is DeepTox. Thank you for being here with me.

  • Who controls your mind?
  • Do you give it away for free?
  • How do we reclaim our mindshare?

Economics of Mindshare

“If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable – what then?” -George Orwell

Mindshare is a resource limited by time, tempered by energy, unlimited in its possibility. What do you spend your time thinking about? (current events, social media, pop culture)

  • World of Advertising’s concept of mindshare.
  • DeepTox advertising.
  • What consumes your unconscious mindshare? (broader environment, core beliefs)
  • What pulls you (phone) and frames what’s possible, or good and right to think about?
  • What thoughts do you stop yourself from thinking?
  • What do you actually want to think about?

Re-creating your mindshare

  • The principle of unlearning, to understand more by learning less. Using the senses/heart to understand differently.
  • Meditation (waste of time?)
  • Deep learning. Skim-reading, skim-watching, skim-skimming. Summaries.
  • The power of the mind, and its imagination. Remembering its value, its scarcity and its abundance.
  • “”The soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts.” Marcus Aurelius